Friday, 11 April 2014

6 Reasons To Choose The Fellowes AutoMax Shredder

There are no other automatic feed shredders on the market that offer the features that you'll find on the Fellowes AutoMax. You are pretty much limited to the type of material you are permitted to shred. However, this brand new shredder from Fellowes really does break all the rules.
In the past you couldn't shred junk mail, with the Fellowes Automax, you can! You couldn't shred booklets, guess what, you can with the Automax, and CD's, DVD's, paper clips, staples and even folded over or scrunched up papers are a breeze.

Fellowes AutoMax Shredder
The Fellowes AutoMax Shredder available as a 300C and 500C

We're Jammin' - Not Anymore!

Fellowes have introduced a Surefeed technology, which in a nutshell means you can throw pretty much anything inside the shredder drawer close it up and walk away and get on with something else. The shredder will take care of everything else with the peace of mind knowing that it WILL NOT JAM.