Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Perfect Trimmer For My Perfect Office

In general when I buy anything for the office, its always a case of spend as much as you can afford to and try not to get carried away buying something full of features that I would never use. That is just a total waste of money.

One of those pieces of office equipment that is always on hand is my paper trimmer. I create a lot of presentations and display items so for me a good trimmer is very important. I could opt for a cheap run of the mill trimmer. Let’s face it, how long would it really last. One thing I can’t abide is false economy and buying a cheap paper trimmer was never going to happen.

In the end I opted for a good heavy duty cutter, the Dahle 554. Its quite big, A2 size but for me it fits the bill. Most of my presentations are in A3 size, and very occasionally I will take it up to A2.

So why did I choose such a large trimmer?

The truth of the matter is, on those VERY odd occasions when I do need A2 what would I have to do to get the job done? The answer would be to pay a local stationery / print shop to do it for me.
So as you can see, even if you don’t use the larger trimmer size that often it will soon pay for itself in not much time at all.

What does the Dahle 554 trimmer have to offer?

Rotary paper trimmerOne of its best features is knowing that you WILL get the perfect, clean professional cut every time you use it. This is because of its self sharpening cutting blade mechanism.  As the 554 is a rolling cutter this means that when you roll the blade in either direction it is sharpening itself on each pass, no matter is you are cutting one sheet of paper or 20.

The Dahle 554 actually feels like it is worth the money, it feels like a really solid and quality piece of equipment. I can certainly guarantee that once you have used this machine for a while, you will NEVER return to its cheap counterparts simply because you will wonder how you have ever managed without using it in the past.

You can see a great review on this paper trimmer here, and in my humble opinion it ticks all the boxes. Whether you will use it for general day to day office duties, scrap booking or paper crafting and you'll never look back!

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